Looking to book the hall? Please read on….

If you are enquiring about running a regular activity or class, please note that we currently have no weekday availability in the main hall.  

Please note we are not taking bookings for private celebrations, children’s parties and events at the moment and unfortunately cannot reserve dates.  This will be reviewed at our next Management Committee meeting in December 2021 so do get in touch after then.

Community Bulletins

If you are not on our Mailing List* you can still view our Community Bulletins by clicking on the following links:-

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Community Bulletin No. 1 – 22.3.20

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The Great Get Together 2021


The following roads will be closed for the Prestonville GGT 2021 on Sunday 25th July from 10:00am to 10:00pm :

Upper Hamilton Road from Lancaster Road junction to the Chimney House

Buxton Road from the Stafford Road junction to the Chimney House

Exeter Street Hall to the Chimney House

If owners of cars in those sections would kindly move them for the day so that Prestonville residents can enjoy the streets we would be very grateful indeed for your co-operatrion.

All those inolved with the event are volunteers giving their time for free in order to provide a lovely community day for everyone.

All attending are doing so under their own steam. ​

Please, for all of us, respect each other’s space, use your masks, sanitise, and stay safe.

Click HERE for FULL details of the programme of events for the day

Exeter Street Community Hall – 2021 AGM

Notice is hereby given that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Exeter Street Community Hall Ltd, will be held on Friday 25 th June, 2021 at 7:30pm.
The meeting, for ESCH shareholders, will be held via Zoom video-conference .

Proxy Voting

Because this year we are holding the AGM via Zoom it will not be practicable to nominate another Member to attend as your proxy and vote on your behalf. Instead, the Chair of the meeting will formally act as the proxy for members who can’t or don’t wish to attend.

If you would like to record your votes in this way please fill in the proxy voting form and return it to the ESCH Secretary. He will count the votes and pass them on to the Chair of the AGM. To make it easier, this year you do not have to sign the form and scan it. Simply email the completed form by Wednesday.23rd June to the ESCH Secretary or, if you prefer, print it and deliver/post it.

Submitted forms will be checked against the attendance register to ensure that there is no duplicate voting. Exeter Street Hall shareholders are by and large very honest people but we are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure accurate voting results. All AGM documents are available here.

17 May 2021 Further Lifting of Restrictions

From the 17 May adult classes will return to the Hall. 

Please support track and trace by booking with the class leader in advance. Face coverings, the rule or 6 and safe distancing measures will still apply. Thank you for helping to keep the Hall safe. Be great to see you 🙂

Please note that we are not taking bookings for parties and events at the moment.

Thank you.