Chris Corbin – In Memoriam

UPDATE – 12/01/16
Chris’s funeral will take place at 1.30pm at Woodvale Crematorium on Friday, 15th January. Chris’s brother has said all Hall volunteers will be warmly welcome.
Marianne Craig (01273 555498) has kindly offered to co-ordinate lifts to and from the crematorium.


Chris sadly died just before Christmas, leaving his wife Rose. They lived next to Stanford Garage for over 30 years. Chris was suffering from cancer.
I have known Chris as a neighbour in Stanford Road for 25 years. I approached him to help us draw up some fire policies after we purchased the Hall. He was extremely diligent in writing the policies, with his renowned attention to detail. And he followed up by carrying out very thorough fire training with hall volunteers. Chris often attended HAG meetings until he become too unwell.
Both Chris and Rose were regular visitors to the Hall Tea Club and both said how much they loved Becky Winter’s home baked cakes. Chris was very appreciative of all the practical help from the Hall community when he was at home after his operation in the summer. Chris told me that he believed the local residents’ ownership of the Hall had enriched the Prestonville community and was a wonderful resource for local children and families. The photo above shows Chris and Rose’s message for the cyclists to take to the recent Climate Conference in Paris.
Chris will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Marianne Craig
Exeter Street Hall