Don’t Leave Me Now (with Barb Jungr)

Inspired by two real stories, Brian Daniels’ new play ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ explores the impact of early onset dementia on two very different families with great insight, sensitivity and humour. Professor Rachael Dixey nursed her partner through dementia for seven years. Cindy Toulman visited her husband Chris every day for ten years after he went into residential care. Brian Daniels has woven the strands of these two stories to create a documentary style piece on the effects of living with dementia on the families and the patients.
The two performances attracted a combined audience of nearly ninety people, with over 60 attending the evening session. The performances by the cast of actors, including the author, were outstanding, and the discussions afterwards – led by an Admiral Nurse – were very engaged. The Hall is proud to have put on a play about such an important social issue as early onset dementia and everyone present at the performance was moved by this work and learned a lot.

Exeter Street Hall, Writers In The Hall event, Feb 16 2016: Performance of "Don't Leave Me Now" with musical accompaniment by Barb Jungr.
The cast of five professional actors and Brian Daniels, the author, who gave a ‘performed reading’ of ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’.
Exeter Street Hall, Writers In The Hall event, Feb 16 2016: Barb Jungr singing Don't Leave Me Now.The singer, Barb Jungr, performing the title song Don’t Leave Me Now.
Images courtesy of Andy Hasson