A Good Jew

May 6, 2016 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
A Good Jew

A Good Jew performances every Friday and Saturday at 8:00pm in May during the Brighton Fringe Festival, with the exception of Friday 13th and Saturday 14th May.

Friday, 6th May – £5.00
All other performances – £10.00

Tickets available from
Brighton Fringe Booking Office


Local theatre company Something Underground (who have won awards at Brighton Fringe every year since 2012) are back again at Exeter Street Hall this May, with one of the several plays dedicated to The Holocaust.
Brighton has a strong Jewish community with beginnings dating back to 1782 with Emanuel Hyam Cohen who arrived from Bavaria to establish the Brighton Jewish Community.
Now, with refugees streaming across Europe, the continent in as much upheaval as since the war, and the rise of far right figures in the US, Something Underground’s new play looks at the plight of one deported family during WW2.
As with many of the thousands of Syrians currently in transit, A Good Jew touches upon the lives of a Jewish family who were artists, fully educated, cultured, integrated and who could not be so easily dismissed as “a plague” then as now.
In A Good Jew, we meet lovers Sol and Hilda who play together, in the Frankfurt Sinfonietta. But Hilda’sfather is an SS officer and Sol is a Jew. As his family is scattered by war and deportation, Sol’s mother gives him fatal advice. “Survive. At all costs”
Taking her word to its limit, Sol relinquishes his roots, his love, his art, his baby sister Anya, and his humanity, to stay out of the tireless Nazi furnaces. The play concludes at Theresienstadt, a concentration camp where many of Europe’s Jewish artists are corralled.