Albion Tai Chi & Qi Gong Club

September 13, 2021 @ 5:45 pm – 7:15 pm
Albion Tai Chi & Qi Gong Club
‘Your place to learn Chen Style Tai Chi & Classical Qi Gong in Brighton & Hove’
Are you completely new to Tai Chi & Qi Gong but would like to try?
Or perhaps you have many years of experience but feel something is missing from your practice, or you’d like to connect with a group?
Our club has been using Exeter Hall for a number of years now as a closed group. Post-pandemic (fingers crossed we are) we have a new class time on Monday evenings 5.45-7.15 and it feels like a good time to open the doors to newcomers.
The hall is spacious and we make sure to keep the space ventilated and follow the Covid guidance in place at the hall.
The syllabus comes from Chen Style Tai Chi, as well as Classical Qi Gong sets such as the 5 animals, 8-silk brocades, and yi jin jing. These are all exercise systems and methods that are rooted in old Chinese culture, based on Chinese medicine, martial arts, yin-yang philosophy and ancient daoist practices for health & longevity. You won’t develop a six-pack, or run around and pant, but you’ll find the exercises to be deeply energetic, and can heal many stress related problems, or aches and pains of the body.
To join in you just need to be wearing clothes that you can stretch in, and thin soled training shoes. The hall can be cold in winter so if needed do wrap up.

If you’d like to join a class please contact Ali on 07931 734282 with any questions.