Blast Science – Sound Show

May 29, 2014 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Blast Science - Sound Show

A Fun Interactive Science Show all about Sound and the Human Ear. It is a family event (children must be accompanied by an adult). Tickets are £5.00 – flat rate to adults and children.

This show was born at London’s Science Museum and lives on proudly as an absolutely fascinating journey into sound and the magical biology of the human ear.  This bashing, crashing, stomping, clapping science adventure is a feast for the eyes and ears – and a party for the hands and feet. This show tunes into how the ear works, what sound is and live interactive experiments using drums, cymbals, gongs, electronics and a host of zany noisemakers.  Air Molecules, Vibration, Frequency, Dynamics, Rhythm, Electromagnets and Special Effects are all covered in this fast-paced learning adventure that builds to a frenzied crescendo.  Featured experiments are the Human Drumkit, the Impossible Palm Pipe Orchestra, Bongo Fury and the Space Dishes of Space Sounds, for your amusement and learning objectives!

Presenter: Brad Gross

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