Jack Klaff in Q & A with Boris & Donald

November 4, 2016 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Jack Klaff in Q & A with Boris & Donald

Jack Klaff animates both Boris Johnson and Donald Trump in a Q & A session, improvised from ques tions posed by the audience.

Friday, 4 th November 2016. Tickets are £10.00, and can be bought online from the website here – www.exeterstreethall.org/tickets – or by ‘phoning 01273 557965.

Following his extremely successful run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival Jack brings his one-man show to the friendly surroundings of Exeter Street Hall. Below are some audience responses to Jack’s show:-

“On the evening I attended, the questions from the audience were intelligent and well thought out, and as the hour progressed, audience members joined in more, feeding questions that pushed Klaff to flesh out the conversation further and aided the flow of the dialogue. We learned more of this twosome, whose common ground is not only the shade of their hair, but also their view of leadership and of we, the people.”

“A highly entertaining, informative and uncomfortable (for all the right reasons) encounter with Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. Get your questions ready for this Prime Minister and U.S President in-waiting. And, if you go, you’ll realise you got three things for the price of one. Two excellent character portrayals live on stage, and a masterclass in improvised genius from a third man-in-blonde – Jack Klaff himself.”

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