Something Underground Theatre Co

May 2, 2015 @ 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Something Underground Theatre Co

For full details of each of the three shows, and to book tickets online,  visit the the Brighton Fringe website.

Director’s Blog
Three plays every Saturday in May. Here’s award-winning director Jonathan Brown on the final preparations…
It’s all hands on deck here at Something Underground Theatre Company as we receive our flyers and posters from the printers, gather our props, costumes and prepare our lines. We’ve got dress rehearsals at the Hall this week and our first show on the 2nd May is rushing toward us.
As Artistic Director, it falls to me to try to get all the ducks in a line, and sometimes those ducks can waddle off in search of interesting looking breadcrumbs on the other side of the pond. Some discipline is sometimes required!
Our co-producer Daniel Stevens has been snapping away with his new camera to give us some fabulous new production shots. Our newly reborn website is crawling out of the marshes like some primordial being, newly birthed with an identity crisis, our new lighting desk is still to be tested (it’ll be alright on the night, we have a spare!) and our eight foot wide moon backdrop needs to be loaded ready for lift off.
Meanwhile, if you walk past the abodes of Kate Darach (writer and performer of Moon Tales), or David Stephens (writer and performer of Pulling Up The Drawbridge), you’ll hear them reciting strange words (hopefully their lines), doing voice exercises, or (noisily?) checking off their prop and costume lists. I’m not checking my lines. I’m making them up on the night. But I’m practicing sniffing the air, for what’s on the wind, or in the waters. Feeling what Je Suis: A Fools Guide to Cliff Edges is meant to bring each week.
Simon Scardanelli (the musician for Je Suis), meanwhile is tuning up, limbering up, and smartening up. Not much to do, as he’s constantly in top form!
We’re very much looking forward to bringing you our three shows. They’re all quite new, but all beautifully (if strangely) formed.
We are going to go as far as to guarantee you a really fine award-winning theatre* night out. Come and see us. We’re at Exeter Street Hall EVERY Saturday in May. Remember though, that the 2nd May is opening night and tickets are half price! Get your tickets quick!

See you in May!

All of us at Something Underground Theatre Company
*Best New Play, Brighton Fringe 2012
Best Male Performer, Brighton Fringe 2013
Best Female Performer, Brighton Fringe 2014
Best New Play (shortlisted) Brighton Fringe 2013
Best Male Performer (nominated) Brighton Fringe 2007
Best Female Performer  (nominated) Brighton Fringe 2013
(One-person show course-tutor for Angel Award Winner Paddy O Keefe Brighton Fringe 2013)
(Script-consultant for Lorraine Mullaney’s Best New Play Shortlisting, Brighton Fringe 2014)