That’s Why I Act! (Workshops)

June 4, 2016 @ 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm
£15.00 Concessions £12.00
That’s Why I Act! (Workshops)

Where did it begin in you? This drive to perform? For the beginner and the experienced actor it is essential to connect and reconnect with this inner fire.
We establish the core of the character, build the physicality, find the voice and explore interaction with the other characters. Remembering the audience whilst we are working, we make the story important and relevant to you and to them… to make it simply necessary to perform!
Britt Forsberg is an experienced teacher of voice, movement and acting technique. She has developed her own highly effective and well-proven techniques and is widely known for helping both amateur and professional performers to build their confidence and expand their stage presence. Voice work and movement included in the workshop. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of water.
For beginners and proceeders. +18
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