WitH presents David Bramwell

September 26, 2015 @ 7:15 pm – 10:15 pm

David Bramwell is the founder of the Cheeky Guide to Brighton and author of The Number 9 Bus to Utopia.
Dr David Bramwell is a one-man cottage industry; creator of Brighton’s Catalyst Club; a music teacher and singer/songwriter for the band Oddfellow’s Casino and co-creator of the cult performance piece Sing-Along-A-Wickerman. He won a Sony Award for his BBC Radio 3 programme Haunted Moustache, and Best Comedy and Outstanding Theatre awards for his storytelling shows.
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Dr. Bramwell is a man who likes to keep busy. As a performer he has toured several solo shows, won awards for ‘Best Comedy’ and Outstanding Theatre’ at Brighton Fringe Festival and he also co-hosts a popular fortnightly podcast, The Odditorium, with fellow performer, Dave Mounfield which has run as a spoken word tent at Wilderness, Secret Garden Party and Brighton Fringe Festival.
More recently Dr Bramwell has become known for his entertaining lectures and has spoken on such themes as ghost villages, the trickster, utopia, the community of Damanhur and postal pranks at TEDx, The School of Life, 5X15, Idler Academy, Hay Literary Festival, Wilderness, Sunday Assembly and the Lowry Theatre. He is however, just as happy performing in the back room of a pub.
It is worth noting that David is a medical man by rumour only; approach with extreme caution, particularly if he offers to whip out your tonsils in exchange for a packet of biscuits.
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The Number 9 Bus to Utopia Synopsis:
After his partner left him for someone, ‘younger but more mature’, David set himself a life-changing task: to be a more sharing, loving person. As a man with a taste for the exotic however, this was never going to be resolved by a weekend course in Mindfulness. Instead he embarked on a global adventure to learn how to live with others. He visited an anarchist community in Denmark, a futuristic city in the desert and found paradise in a Californian retreat, dreamt up by Aldous Huxley. Most fantastic if all was Damanhur in the Italian Alps, with an underground temple the size of St Paul’s Cathedral, and a ‘fully functioning time machine’.
Along the way, David’s quest raise issues that best many of us. Why is depression rife amongst those who have wealth and freedom? Is getting what you want really utopia? And could alternative communities teach us a better way to live in both our relationships and our modern cities?
This wry, self-deprecatingly funny and philosophical book asks some big questions and finds the answers surprisingly simple.
David is a true philosopher, great journalist and excellent writer. He has gone where others only imagine trading, and the book is packed with gags, wisdom and pathos. It actually IS a must-read.
Tom Hodgkinson, The Idler

NB Challenge 25 will be in operation at the licensed bar.