Film Friday

We’re trialling a regular Film Friday each month. We want you to have a cosy cinema on your doorstep for a monthly end-of-the-week treat. Our aim is to show the films you want to see. We’re starting out with a 4pm screening for the nippers and a late show at 8pm. But we can tweak this in response to demand.

Early Show
For November, we screened Despicable Me. Kids spilled into the Hall after school and got settled in for the big event. Captivated by Gru and his minions, they stayed seated until the interval when they were pretty keen on grabbing their hot dogs and squash. Hungry ones refuelled with popcorn and choc ices too. Parents kicked back with a well-deserved drink, having effortlessly taken care of after-school entertainment and supper. We like.

Late Show
We’re really sorry. We had to cancel the 8pm screening of Blue Jasmine due to poor ticket sales. We contacted everyone who booked tickets online. And spread the word at and through Facebook and Twitter. To cover our licence (not to mention, create a good atmosphere!), we have to sell at least 20 tickets. If you fancy a film, don’t hesitate – book online and you’ll be inching us closer to guaranteeing we can show it.

Film Friday in December (Friday 19 December)
Early show: 4pm – Frozen (Sing Along). Gracious. You’re keen. We’ve sold out already. We’re looking into the logistics of doing a second screening. Watch this space.

Late show: 8pm – The Grand Budapest Hotel. A brilliantly bonkers caper. Book now with your friends so we can get a full house for a pre-Christmas treat. We’re ready for our close up, Mr de Mille.


Thanks to: Simon, Gus, Paul, Sean, Darryl, Dexter, Martha, Mike, Polly, David, Sally and Dave for all your hard work towards the launch.