It’s all happening next Monday


No doubt you’ve heard about our bid to win £50,000 from the People’s Millions on Monday 25 November. But have you registered to be reminded to vote yet?

Text HALL to 66777 now to receive a reminder to call in our gripping ‘phone vote next Monday. That’s right – one week to go. Help us bag the big prize to repair our leaky, creaky roof.

What can YOU do to make it happen?

Find 10 friends
Ask them (ever so nicely) to text HALL to 66777. If they can find ten more friends each, well, that would be extremely impressive.

Vote 10 times
On every ‘phone line you can get your sticky paws on. We’re allowed! Calls cost just 11p from a BT landline, more from mobiles. Tell your mates too.

Use 10 different ways

  • Spread the word, your way.
  • Get social – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Get personal – call, email and text.
  • Get more people – chat to neighbours, colleagues and club networks.
  • Shout from the rafters!

Frankly, we stand to win a massive cash injection that would take us about 10 years of fundraising events to drum up. In one night. It’s got to be worth it.

Got an hour to spare? Email [email protected] and join campaign HQ on Monday 25 November. We’d be over the moon.

Don’t forget to watch Exeter Street Hall on ITV’s Meridian Tonight at 6pm on voting day. Exciting! Can we win £50,000? Together, we can. Please help.