Rooms and Prices

Our Limitations

The Hall is perfect to hire for a group activity or class, a public event like a market or a performance of some kind.  We’re also a good place to hold some types of private celebrations and (younger) kids’ parties.  However…

….we are located in a residential area and set in a terrace of Victorian houses.  So, you’ve guessed it, we can’t have loud events or  late ones.  We want to be good neighbours.

So, if you want a bit of a rumpus with a DJ or band, the Hall probably isn’t right for you.  If it’s a modest family get together then you are very welcome to enquire. Teen parties are unfortunately a no-no. Sorry.

Parking (or the lack of it) might also be a consideration for you.  We have bike racks and people can walk to a bus stop but we are in a controlled parking zone.

The best way to find out if it’s the right place for you is to make an enquiry first and then come and have a look around.


How Big is the Hall?

The Main Hall is a spacious 18m by 8m and can fit 120 people (or 80 if seated).  Note – reduced to 50 as at 16.2.22.

It’s perfect for events, classes, markets and performances.  It’s got great acoustics.  We have a stage you can use and a lighting rig.


A hidden gem’  Jonathan Brown, Director, Something Underground Theatre Co.

And below is a series of images from a recent 90th Birthday celebration:

The Community Room is a cosier space of around 3.5m by 6m,  so suitable for up to 12 people seated.  We run our art clubs in here.


We have a good size kitchen too – with a professional oven and fridge.  It’s a bit dated but very functional.  We’ve run pop-up restaurant evenings out of here.

Opening Times

8am-10pm Monday to Friday
8am- 10pm Saturday (this means winding any event up at 9pm)
8am-8pm Sunday (this means winding any event up at 7pm)


Hire Rates
Main Hall (Regular bookings) – £15.00 per hour (reduced to £10 on week days before 4pm)
Main Hall (One-off bookings) – £20.00 per hour
Community Room (Regular bookings) – £8.00 per hour
Community Room (One-off bookings) – £10.00 per hour

There is a minimum 3 hour booking for parties and one-off weekend bookings.

If you want to make an enquiry, please complete the form here.