Brighton Fringe: Captivating plays on your doorstep

We’re thrilled to have the talented bunch from the Something Underground Theatre Company present their plays at the Hall. It’s our first time as a Brighton Fringe venue and we couldn’t be working with a better team. There is a darkly comic thread running through each performance. Don’t miss them. Here’s a snapshot review to get you in the mood:

Je Suis
Unlike any other play – and never the same twice, join Jonathan Brown as he takes you on a wild, theatrical journey of live music and in-the-moment plunges into different worlds. Irreverent and sacred, daft and deep. Fascinating.Je_Suis_collage
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Moon Tales
Watch skilled actress Kate Darach morph between characters. Funny, mesmerising, unsettling and moving. Piece together the puzzle of compelling, intertwined stories. Unmissable.Moon_Tales_collage
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Pulling Up The Drawbridge
David Stephens excels as George in this darkly comic and poignant play about his view of a changing island. Watch as he rails against the over-use of the word ‘awesome’, weird fruit and antisocial spiders. Brilliant.
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