They helped save the floor – and brought down the roof!

‘Stand up to Dry Rot’ Comedy NightExeter Street Hall 12th March 2017
There was not a dry eye in the hall as we weeped with laughter at a selection of excellent stand up comedians and superb MC whisking back and forth linking several comedians. First act was Ben giving a hysterical miming rendition of Lady in Red to a local Dad in the front row. Margaret came on stage next offering us ‘motivation’ and a sort of life coaching session for the audience with an American accent and straight face that occasionally at the end could not control the odd smirk escaping. An Australian bartender by night in London who came especially to do this gig talked about her sad but funny life as a twenty something. After the raffle prize of a game for cats was won by a cat owner the top bill act stepped foot on stage with a strong confident singing voice. Strumming his words on an accoustic guitar of what it is like to find life on the dodgy side of 40.
The ‘Stand up to Dry Rot’ comedy evening formed a substantial and specific part of the £3K fundraised to treat the dry root on the hall floor. And now the restoration and repair work has the go ahead this Easter.

All photos © Andy Hasson (