THGI Stay & Playgroup

The Hall has hosted a playgroup for over twenty years. Last year, with the Hall in a state of disrepair, the playgroup was forced to close during the winter months. When the spring came around this year it became apparent that the previous volunteers were no longer available. Now that the Hall has undergone some vital repairs, Natalie Miller and a group of volunteers have re-launched the playgroup as the THGI Stay & Playgroup. She told us:

“I’m thrilled that work has begun and that the building is much more comfortable now. The first thing I did was to get the playgroup under the safe umbrella of TheHallGetInvolved. Any money we make now goes directly back into improving our hall for everyone. We have also replaced some of of our toys and rugs giving the place a fresher feel.”

Run by a group of parents, the THGI Stay & Playgroup is on Tuesday mornings in term time from 9:30am until 11:30am. Parents/guardians are expected to stay and the price is £2 per family to cover costs. New families always welcome – feel free to turn up on the day!