Looking to book the hall? Please read on….

If you are enquiring about running a regular activity or class, please note that from September 2021 we have no weekday availability in the main hall.  

Please note we are not taking bookings for private celebrations, children’s parties and events at the moment and unfortunately cannot reserve dates.  This will be reviewed at our next Management Committee meeting in December 2021 so do get in touch after then.

17 May 2021 Further Lifting of Restrictions

From the 17 May adult classes will return to the Hall. 

Please support track and trace by booking with the class leader in advance. Face coverings, the rule or 6 and safe distancing measures will still apply. Thank you for helping to keep the Hall safe. Be great to see you 🙂

Please note that we are not taking bookings for parties and events at the moment.

Thank you.

Roadmap for Reopening

The Hall is currently closed due to Covid restrictions.

We hope to open at Step 2 current target date 12 April 2021 for children’s activities and support groups.

Most adult classes, including indoor fitness, will restart in Step 3 current target date 17 May 2021.


The Hall is now able to open to the public.  We’ve been working with our hirers to make sure they can run their groups in as safe a way as possible.  This may include reduced class sizes or new procedures such as using a booking system and paying by BACS.  Face coverings are mandatory from the 8th August.  There are some exceptions for health, age and equality reasons see here for details.

We hope you will support our hirers when you feel that you can.  Check with your group leader for up-to-date information for your class.   See https://exeterstreethall.org/whats-on/

We hope that art class, table tennis club and our Repair Café will all restart in September.  Please contact the group leader before attending a group.  See https://exeterstreethall.org/community-activities/.  You can follow the Repair Café on Facebook too.

Our Stay and Play will be paused this term with the aim of restarting in January or later in 2021, when it is considered safe to do so.

Update on Re-opening

Following recent announcements, we’re really pleased that Exeter Street Hall can reopen to the public on 4th July. However, there are considerable restrictions on what activities can take place.

Currently, we are not able to hold exercise/sports classes, singing groups, theatre and various other activities considered to be risky in an enclosed space.

We have been liaising with our regular hirers and community groups and, for many, a September restart seems most likely, but we would urge you to contact your group leader directly to keep up with their latest news.

It’s possible that we may host a limited number of our own community groups in July/August, check out our website https://exeterstreethall.org.

We look forward to seeing you in your Hall just as soon as that’s possible. Susan Corlelt, Manager [email protected].