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Please note we are not taking bookings for celebrations, parties and events at the moment and unfortunately cannot reserve dates.  This will be reviewed in September 2021 so do get in touch after the summer holidays.

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Hosting a children's party
The Hall is great for children's parties. If you're thinking of using a bouncy castle then we'll need to know about that for insurance purposes. Feel free to use the kitchen.

Minimum hire of three hours to allow for setting up and tidying up.
Adult's Event
We've hosted many events at the Hall. Recently we've had problems with noise at the Hall which we're in the process of fixing, but in the meantime we're trying to avoid evening, alcohol-fuelled events. Sorry! If that doesn't sound like the event you had in mind then please proceed!

Minimum hire of three hours to allow for setting up and tidying up.
One Off Event
You might need insurance to run this event. If you're enquiring on behalf of an organisation then you probably have this already. If you're enquiring privately then get in contact with us and we'll help you with this.

You'll have noticed that we run events where profits go to the Hall. We call them THGI (TheHallGetInvolved Ltd) events. If you're interested doing this then our THGI events team would love to hear from you.
Regular Event
Thank you for considering Exeter Street Hall as a space for your event. We have lots of regular events and we'll use all our marketing channels to make your event successful.

Wherever you host your event, you'll need public liability insurance. We'll need to see a copy of that before you get going, but that can wait until later.

Required Date
The calendar below shows our current availability. Regular events are important to us so even if the Hall seems unavailable, get in touch and we may be able to move some things around. Use the message field in the section below to give details about when you would like your event and how frequently you would like to run it.
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