The Great Get Together

Fire Brigade photos courtesy of Martin Poole ([email protected]). All other photos courtesy
of Andy Hasson ([email protected])

A message from one of the event organisers:-
It was I think a very happy day. I saw the full range. A young girl cartwheeling down Upper Hamilton Road the moment the road closed sign went up, the three girls secretly practising their street dancing in the Hall because no one was there. Lovely games for the kids, quorate PCA meeting, the random bubble man who turned up from nowhere, the firemen….well, a long queue is all I can say……..
Magic Mike and his music, you are SO kind to do that for all of us Mike, Carolyn and the best playlist ever, all the bar staff, hanky waving Morris, choristers, Disco divas, the busiest bar ever at the Chimney and the yummiest free cakes from Joes. Mega quick clearing up …… and Bunting. Bunting is the best …. as is cake and shared food and laughter and kindness and friends and smiling at strangers ….
Because that is Prestonville.
That’s you.
Thank-you. x