Annual General Meeting 2024

Exeter Street Community Hall Limited

Our 2024 Annual General meeting will take place on Wednesday 5th June at the Hall, starting at 7:30pm (doors open 7pm). All shareholders are welcome.

There will be a bar and we hope you can stay on for drinks after the end of formal business. The first drink is free for shareholders!

If you are not able to come to the meeting, please send us your proxy vote. We need votes from at least 45 shareholders for the AGM to be quorate, so your proxy vote is welcome and will make a difference.

Click on any underlined text below to view and download AGM documents.

Documents relating to the 2024 AGM

The minutes of the 2023 Annual General Meeting

The Directors’ Annual Report for 2023-24 (to be uploaded)

The Financial Report and Accounts for April 2023 – March 2024 (to be formally approved by the Board and voted on at the AGM)

Nomination form for the Election of Directors

Short Statements from the Candidates for Election as Director