Booking Forms and Policies

Forms for Hall Hirers

Terms and Conditions of Hire v5 (Aug 2020)

Covid 19 Additional Hirer Terms and Conditions (Aug 2020)

Booking Form: Private Hire v4 (Aug 2020 )

Booking Form: Commercial / VSO Hire v4 (Aug 2020)

Policies For Hall Hirers

To keep the Hall running smoothly and to stay within the law and other regulations we have developed a set of policies on different topics. We expect our hirers not to contravene these policies and we hope you will actively support them.

You can find all our policies in the ‘About Us… Our Policies’ menu at the top of the page (or just click here). We don’t expect you to read through all of them, but we do want you to take a look at the ones most relevant to hirers, which are:

Fire Safety Policy

Fire Action Plan

Health and Safety Policy

Security Policy

Lone Workers Policy

Safeguarding Policy for Hirers

and, if you are using our kitchen:

Food Safety Policy

This is not to say that other policies (e.g. Noise Management; Equality, Diversity & Inclusion; Environmental) are irrelevant. So please consult our other policies as and when they become relevant to your activities.

We’re not legal experts and we’re not perfect! So if you spot anything in our policies that doesn’t look right or that you think is inappropriate for your activities, please tell us via an email to [email protected]. We’re always open to suggestions for improvement.