Restoring the Hall

When we bought the Hall in 2013, it was in a very poor state of repair.  We knew that it needed a new roof, it had damp and that there were big issues with the electrics and the drains.

Since then we have set about restoring the Hall and making it a venue fit for the 21 century.

Major projects completed include:

  • a new roof
  • development of the Community Room
  • the ‘access’ project which has made the Hall fully accessible for the first time in its history!
  • restoring the rear windows.

So far we have raised £120k through a combination of grants and community fund raising.

We think we are about half-way there with further major works needed to redevelop our toilet block.  We have plans (involving our floor, windows and heating systems) to make the Hall more energy-efficient. We’d also like to make our back garden safe for use and have a new kitchen fitted.

Much of the smaller restoration and repair work is done by our volunteers.  We have a very busy ‘Building Team’ who meet regularly to plan work and then get stuck in.  You don’t have to be skilled or experienced to help us but if you do have relevant skills we’d love to hear from you too.  

We always need people to help out with raising money for our restoration work, through organising or helping at an event or helping with grant applications.

Contact [email protected] to arrange a friendly chat if you’d like to get involved.