Friends of the Hall

We get by with a little help from our friends. That’s because Exeter Street Hall relies heavily on your donations and your patronage. We tend to pull out the big guns and go for grants when we want to make great leaps. And we’re incredibly fortunate to have a whip-smart volunteer team too; they run fundraising events and complete some of our ongoing repairs.

But the truth is that it costs about £1500 per month to keep our Hall going. That’s before we can tackle any projects or provide any more low-cost groups. It’s quite a chunk of change. Covering these essential costs might not sound sexy, but man alive, what a difference it would make knowing that ALL the hard-earned cash we work so hard to raise will go towards improving our Hall and widening our reach.

Please consider giving a regular donation, no matter how small, either by standing order or direct debit. With enough generous donors, we’ll have the security of knowing that the Hall’s regular costs are covered and we can crack on with improvements to the fabric of the building and developing more low-cost, inclusive community groups.The Hall is run by the people, for the people. Becoming a Friend of the Hall is the perfect way to play your part if you’re too time-poor to get your hands dirty but really want to make a difference. Thanks! We salute you!To sign up as a Friend, click here to download the Friends of the Hall form. Once you have filled in your details, please return the form to:-

Exeter Street Hall
16-17 Exeter Street